Tamblyn Family Farm


quality meats and feeds

-   ABOUT US  -

   Here at Tamblyn Family Farm, we have pigs, sheep, and poultry, all fed with our Non-GMO feeds we mix and manufacture at our licensed feed mill. We raise heritage breeds of livestock the old fashioned way; outside in the fresh air and sunshine with plenty of room to roam and grow. We raise the critically endangered Large Black hog and have crossed it with a Duroc & Berkshire to perfect the exceptional quality and taste we know you're looking for. We keep a small flock of heritage Katahdin sheep with tons of room to graze - 24/7.

Our specialty feed mill blends 15 different Non-GMO feeds ranging from our classic hog feed to customized deer feed. All of the feeds are made with recipes from old feed and livestock books where poultry and livestock food was made with real whole grains instead of with by-products.